Home: Connected Teaching and Learning

Winter, 2019

Jane A. Van Galen


vangalen @ uw.edu (the best way to reach me)



Our Hypothes.is group

In Education and Technology, we’ll explore ways in which new digital tools enable us learn in ways that support connection, creation, and collaboration.  With these new tools comes both the potential to routinize learning and the potential to create richer opportunities to learn.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Historical and social contexts of technology in schools and classrooms
  • How to leverage digital tools to collaborate with others with shared interests and commitments.
  • How to adapt opportunities to learn for diverse students to that all learners can access content and demonstrate what they know and  can do.
  • How to educate students about digital citizenship, safety, and privacy
  • How to communicate with audiences across a variety of media.


1 . Garcia, A.(ed).  (2014)  and Teaching_in_the_Connected Learning_Classroom.  Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.

2.  Choose one of the following short books:

Using Technology to Engage Students With Learning Disabilities

Digital Writing for English Language Learners

3.  Other texts in digital format and linked on the syllabus on the day they are due.

4.  You’ll also be reading one text with a small group of classmates.  I recommend digital formats.